Episode 2: Sex, Relationships, and Sticky Situations

What is it like to talk to a therapist about sex? (1:33)

How do you respectfully ask your partner if they have been tested and are disease free? (5:08)

I used to be able to think about sex and I would get hard. Nowadays I find it difficult to get it up with my partner at times. Confused as my woman is a knockout, what gives? (9:45)

I recently found out that my girlfriend watches rough gangbang porn. Just one girl and lots of different men. Our sex is pretty regular but also vanilla. She has never hinted at wanting to try something new with me. Should I talk to her? Should I be concerned? (14:43)


My husband is constantly saying that I don’t give him enough time. He says that I make our kids the priority and that there is never anything left for him. I think our kids should be number one, he says that our marriage should be number one. Who is right? (21:08)



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