Episode 3: Cumming Fast, Slow, or Not at All

I am a female that has never orgasmed during sex. It’s taking a toll on my partner’s ego. How can I convince him that I still enjoy the sex?  (1:01) My partner and I currently don’t know how many partner’s we’ve had. Is it healthy that we talk about it? (11:24) What do I do...

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Episode 2: Sex, Relationships, and Sticky Situations

What is it like to talk to a therapist about sex? (1:33) How do you respectfully ask your partner if they have been tested and are disease free? (5:08) I used to be able to think about sex and I would get hard. Nowadays I find it difficult to get it up with my partner...

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Episode 1: Sex and Relationships

How much is too much time together?(0:55) What if you were in the middle of sex and weren’t turned on any more? (4:39) When is it appropriate to discuss sexual fantasies with a new partner?(11:22) I want other things sexually from my partner but I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable, how should I...

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